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To Do List


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To Do List

To Do List


Household Bills

Pay Car Insurance


Pay Bills due


Order new checks



Trade in Infinity or do oil change, smog check, registration


Sell Cavalier


Get insurance quotes


Get fuse for Suzuki


Replace head gasket on Suzuki


Replace the windshield



Retake pictures of blankets


Get Brigette’s web site running


Get business cards made


Start Journal and bookkeeping


Fix the printer


Replace the printer’s color ink cartridge



Send in Alex’s birth certificate request


Get Alex shots for school


Get Alex signed up for school


Tina graduation 6-5-01


Send Tina’s and DJ’s birth certificate request



Get divorce papers filled out


Submit divorce papers ($200)


Work out settlement



Get tent pieces ordered


Buy cooler


Buy sleeping bags


Reserve campsite



Move stuff from storage


Find new apartment


Sell guitar


Get paintings started


Bug Bomb storage area


Borrow Brent’s Truck to move washing machine/dryer


New bike for Alex


Fix Tina’s bike


Pick up blood pressure medicine from Walmart


Computer table


Call cable about fuzzy channels



Reorganize storage area


Steam clean carpets


Clean up the patio, throw away carpet


Wash the cars



Change of address/account number for State of Minnesota


Change of address/account number for IRS



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