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My Art


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Here is a sample of some of my paintings and drawings...

Self Portrait made of cut paper=180 pixels wide

Self Portrait

Created cardboard cutouts with 10 shades to create this self-portrait. A very sticky school assignment...

A still life project=180 pixels wide

Still Life

Charcoal drawing of still life. Create for school project. It's one of my favorites.


Golf Course at Sunset

This is a pencil drawing created from memory. FORE!

Melanie Griffith; Actual size=240 pixels wide


Can you guess who this is? I created this pencil drawing in my first year drawing class.


Horns of Color

This project involved taking a still life of white objects and colorize them, while still trying to imply the items are white.



This is a charcoal drawing of my dog Jackson when he was a puppy.

Cheetah and Penquins; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Cheetah and Penquins

This assignment was to place to things together that you would not normally find together...


Princess of Mars

This is an oil painting inspired by the John Carter series.


Self-Portrait on Street

Kind of an artsy thing. Created with oil pastels on black paper...